What is the Refund Policy

What is the Refund Policy?

Zenbod’s Programs are non-refundable except as described in this Refund Policy, which is subject to the Membership Terms & Conditions. Please note that although you can terminate your participation in a Program at any time by contacting membership@zenbod.com you are only eligible for a refund as set forth below.

At Zenbod, we are so sure of our program and the amazing results our members achieve that we will never ask you to sign long term contracts. This is a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel at any time. A full prorated refund of the unused one-time annual subscription fees will be given no questions asked. If you find the treatment is not effective for you, if you have not lost the guaranteed 10% body weight in year one, or if you were having side effects that are not tolerable or want to discontinue treatment at any time you are able to cancel your membership with no questions asked.

Receiving a refund / Canceling your Program:

If you qualify for a refund and wish to cancel your Zenbod Program, you can do so at any time by emailing membership@Zenbod.com, with the subject line “Cancellation Request”. 

If you paid by credit or debit card, we will credit your refund to the card used for payment within 10 business days of Zenbod confirming you are refund eligible. Zenbod will notify you of whether you are eligible for a refund by responding to your request. 

For any questions about our membership options, reach out to us info@Zenbod.com. We’re in this together and will work with you to make sure you achieve real results.

Last updated: June 7, 2023