No insurance needed

No Insurance Needed

GLP-1 Rx Without Insurance for Weight Loss

Weight loss is a serious issue that has wide ranging implications to ones overall health, emotional well-being and sleep. So many insurance companies do not see it that way as is evidenced by their unwillingness to cover GLP-1 medications for the purpose of weight loss. These medications are the most successful intervention for significant and sustained weight loss. Still, most insurance companies simply will not cover the medications used for medically supervised weight reduction. At Zenbod, we know how important weight loss is to your physical and emotional health, longevity, and peace of mind. We are dedicated to offering our clients compounded GLP-1 medications (semaglutide), at lower costs without the hassle and inconvenience of trying to deal with insurance. 

At Zenbod, we offer pharmacy compounded GLP-1 medications for $275/month, for the first 3 month, then $399/month, thereafter, all inclusive, which is what works best for our members. If you are overweight or obese (a BMI of 25 or greater) your overall health will be improved by weight loss and you will be eligible to join Zenbod and get started on GLP-1 medications within days. In fact, the majority of the adult population has a BMI of over 25 and can join our proven program of sustained and significant weight loss. 

Become a Zenbod Member Now

If you are tired of ineffective meal plans, yo-yo diets, medications that do not work or cause serious side effects, or simply are tired of being told you need to work harder to lose weight, then join Zenbod. For a monthly fee of $399, you receive GLP-1 medication delivered to your door, unlimited access to our medical professionals and access to a portal to monitor your progress.

Our trained, experienced medical professionals are here to help you achieve healthy weight loss that is safe, easy, and painless. We know that weight loss is a personal decision, and every part of your experience with Zenbod will be handled with the utmost discretion and privacy. If you are ready to really lose weight and keep it off, schedule your free consultation now. We want to see you healthy and happy, losing weight, and keeping it off the Zenbod way.