Please consult your personal primary care provider (PCP) or primary medical doctor (PMD) before starting any new regiments involving nutrition, exercise, medications, and supplementation. Zenbod is not a substitute for a primary care provider. Zenbod members will get expert medical advice and medication prescriptions for weight loss alone. We can also manage any minor side effects that may arrise from treatment and weight loss such as nausea, reflux, consitpation, etc. Zenbod providers are not and will not make recommendatoins regarding any other aspect of your health. We will frequently recommend that you follow up with your PCP or PMD at a very minimum yearly if not more often if needed. It is important that you have a PCP or PMD. Our members get the best possible weight loss care from the Zenbod providers but your PCP or PMD are the ones that provide the regular day-to-day care for your overall health. Zenbod does reserve the right to discontinue care at any time and refund any remaining subscription fees on a prorated basis. If for some reason we can not provide you with the necessary weight loss care then seek out your PCP or PMD for further advice and referrals. We reserve the right to refer you back to your regular PCP or PMD at any time and for any reason such as for additional tests or monitoring that we deem important.

As a Zenbod member and as part of your all-inclusive membership you will have phlebotomy for laboratory evaluation and we will track your biometrics periodically. We will also maintain a HIPAA compliant, protected electronic health record of your progress with us and in our program. At any time that you would like access to these records or if your PCP or PMD require those records we will be happy to provide them at no cost after the appropriate online forms are filled out. 

The Zenbod program does not accept insurance and is not a form of medical / health insurance. Your membership in Zenbod does not act as a substitute for participation in federally mandated individual health care insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or other coverage. 

Zenbod is not responsible for any adverse events that can occur from abuse or misuse of medications or supplements. Complete and thorough instructions will be provided via telehealth, video health conference calls, email, text and print media for all medications and/or supplements utilized in the Zenbod program. It is the responsibility of the member participant to use these medications and supplements as instructed.